The Nordics' leading production company for esports & gaming, Black Molly Entertainment AB, recruits esports legend Dennis "walle" Wallenberg to the company. Dennis Wallenberg joins to develop ESPORTSTUDION & EYEBALLERS and work actively with partnerships in the company.

Esports legend Dennis "walle" Wallenberg will be employed from 1st of September 2023 to develop BME's commercial business with a special focus on partnerships and business development. Among other things, Dennis will work with the development of ESPORTSTUDION and our associated companies EYEBALLERS and SPEED5. In his role as Senior Partnerships Manager, “walle” will take an active role in helping more companies and brands reach the target group of gamers, through partnerships of BME's various products.

Dennis Wallenberg is one of Sweden's most successful esports players of all time, with an active career between 2001-2010, where he played a central role in teams such as SK, NiP and EYEBALLERS. For the past 10 years, Dennis has been an entrepreneur in a completely different industry where he owned, operated and was CEO of one of Sweden's largest independent clothing chains.

"We believe in people with passion and drive, and we want to continue to be a platform for entrepreneurs to develop." says Niklas Kronquist, CEO at BME "Dennis experience from running companies and developing one of Norrlands’ largest private clothing chains, combined with his unbeatable experience in esports, will be a real injection in how we continue to develop BME.”

"After ten years elsewhere, I have finally found my way back to esports and gaming again." says Dennis Wallenberg, Senior Partnerships Manager at BME. “I am incredibly happy and excited to start working with Black Molly Entertainment, where I will be reuniting with old friends from my active career. With our combined experience, we are the strongest and most competent esports collective in the Nordics. At BME, we are in a unique opportunity and position to develop the industry forward in a healthy and sustainable way. I look forward to using my unique experience from esports and business to help esports grow and introduce more companies to the opportunities in our fantastic industry.”

Earlier in the year, Black Molly Entertainment was able to communicate key figures for the business year 2022. The company delivered its strongest growth since its inception in 2013 and achieved sales of SEK 20.7 million. Black Molly Entertainment AB is a creative production agency specialized in esports.

During 2021-2022, BME has broadened its operations with an investment arm that created several new companies. BME is co-founder of communications agency Frame, esports team Eyeballers and Big Blue Bob Entertainment (Speed 5) — a joint venture with Paradox Interactive. BME has also invested in Kappa Meltdown Group.

About Black Molly Entertainment
BME (Black Molly Entertainment) is a creative esports & gaming collective, founded in Sweden 2013.

With gaming TV production as our core business, we have today grown into a full scale creative production agency. We offer services to anyone in the ecosystem of esports and gaming, including brands, teams, events, game publishers and media. BME has 14 full-time employees and TV-studios based in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit

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