– Acquires French esport bars chain Meltdown  

The acquisition was completed on March 15th, allowing Swedish group Kappa Bar to  become the largest owner of esports bars in the world, creating a group 30 locations  strong. 

When the opportunity arose there were no doubts in our minds, and we were quick to act,  says Robert Dragovic, CEO of Kappa Bar. 

Kappa was founded in 2017 and has established itself as the premier esports destination in  Scandinavia by operating esports restaurants and bars in the largest cities in Sweden.  Experiencing great success in its home market, the company recently looked to focus on  international growth, and is proud to announce the acquisition of Meltdown bars, which operates  20 esports bars in 6 countries. 

Recently, our urge to grow internationally had become stronger. The roads leading to greater  markets are always challenging, especially emerging out of the Nordics, says Robert Dragovic  and continues; making the search for an international partner the top of our priority list. 

A unique opportunity for international expansion 

Kappa is a staple of elite esports culture in Scandinavia, which opened the door to a  conversation with French esports bars giant, Meltdown. Through conversations around  partnership and shared beliefs, a unique opportunity emerged. 

We could see the potential synergies from our first discussion. Sophia is the esports culture  personified; she is known by everyone both as a gamer, and of course as the owner of  Meltdown, says Robert Dragovic. 

Kappa Bar in the Nordics and Meltdown Bars globally 

Both companies will form together the new Kappa Bar Group. The goal is to keep the Kappa  Bar brand operating primarily in the Nordics and let Meltdown be responsible for the global 

expansion. Robert will be the President of the Group and Sophia will continue as CEO  internationally and as a Board member. 

Sophia Metz adds international experience, a unique industry network, and a strong model for  international expansion. We at Kappa Bar come in with great expertise regarding  conceptualization and unmatched ability to diversify sources of income. Together, we look to  create business synergies in every way possible, says Robert Dragovic. 

Meltdown’s journey has been amazing, and I’m incredibly proud of what we have created. I  knew I wanted new partners to take Meltdown further on the journey, and I especially  appreciated Kappa Bar’s structure and long-term perspective, says Sophia Metz, CEO of  Meltdown Bars. 

– Robert Dragovic continues: We now have a unique opportunity to grow together, with a target  of opening 100 venues by 2027. And considering the demand we’ve both received these past  few months, we may well meet that goal sooner rather than later! 

Some huge names in esports among the owners 

The group's new ownership includes some of esports' most respected names such as Canadian  entrepreneur Felix LaHaye, known for his prized work in both esports and as an influencer  marketing pioneer, former Heroic CEO Erik Askered and partner PO Strömberg, alongside  Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, GD Studio founder James Harding and Swedish Black Molly Entertainment, including former DreamHack veteran Tomas Lyckedal. 

We have been the world's largest underground business for a little too long. Now we want to  bring esports further out into the world and stage the big breakthrough. And the world is  definitely ready. 

Legal partners in this acquisition was Romain Franzetti (MF2A), Jakob Nortoft (Norma Law) and Me  Dominique DUMAS (Dumas Structure).

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