SPEED5 is very excited to announce SteelSeries as annual Head Partner of everything related to SPEED5 during 2023. The two parties will team up to build out the best possible content channel for fans of Grand Strategy games and other Paradox titles.

SPEED5 is a new content channel that will produce and broadcast weekly shows covering Paradox Interactive’s Grand Strategy universe - with regular show’s in games like Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Victoria 3 and many more titles. All content can be found at www.twitch.tv/speed5official and www.youtube.com/speed5official

The new company Big Blue Blob Entertainment AB behind SPEED5 is a joint-venture between content production company Black Molly Entertainment and the video game publisher Paradox Interactive. SteelSeries joins as Head Partner of Speed5 and will be visible in all content formats but also support the Speed5 community with products in various giveaways and competitions. 

"SteelSeries will be integrated in all our shows and we’re very excited to see the development of the SPEED5 community during the first month of 2023, with a huge increase in followers, viewers and paying subscribers. We’re very proud to have one of the leading gaming gear brands in the world supporting our initiative", said Niklas Kronquist CEO Of Big Blue Blob Entertainment, the company behind SPEED5.

Tune in tonight 8th of March 18.00 CET when Speed 5 is live with one of our shows: Victoria 3: Save the Save! See you in the chat.

About SteelSeries

SteelSeries is the worldwide brand and innovation leader in gaming and esports peripherals focused on premium quality, innovation, and functionality. Founded in 2001, SteelSeries improves performance through first-to-market innovations and technologies that enable gamers to play harder, train longer, and rise to the challenge. SteelSeries is the pioneering supporter of esports and competitive gaming tournaments, connecting gamers and fostering a sense of community and purpose. SteelSeries’ family of professional and gaming enthusiasts are the driving force behind the company and help influence, design, and craft every single accessory and the brand’s software ecosystem, SteelSeries GG, which includes Moments video clip service and the Sonar Audio Software Suite. The SteelSeries family of brands includes KontrolFreek, the industry leader in high-performance controller accessories, and Nahimic, the leader in 3D sound solutions for gaming. In 2022 SteelSeries joined the GN family, a global leader in innovative and intelligent audio and video communications solutions sold in approximately 100 countries around the world.

About SPEED5
SPEED5 is a new dedicated content channel making competitive gameplay content out of Paradox Interactive's portfolio of games. SPEED5 is an independent entity with the goal to serve fans with more Grand Strategy content and other Paradox titles with live broadcasts, weekly shows and broadcast events. SPEED5 is a joint-venture between Black Molly Entertainment and Paradox Interactive and based in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information, please visit www.speed5.gg

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