Black Molly Entertainment launched it's own show format ESPORTSTUDION covering the largest world championship finals in esports - in Swedish for Swedish fans. The first edition of ESPORTSTUDION took place 14th to 22nd of May 2022 as BME delivered the official Swedish Broadcast from the PGL CS:GO Major in Antwerp, in the community refered to as the World Championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

During 8 broadcast days - BME produced the Swedish stream featuring hosts Szanto, Slop3, Drayich, Luddiecsgo and the experts Vuggo, Olofmeister and Golden - and with celebrity guests GeT_RiGhT, 7licious, Lekr0 and many more.

At the final day of the PGL Major we moved the ESPORTSTUDION setup to a live location in Gothenburg, with live audience and a event for Swedish CS:GO Fans to enjoy.

The entire broadcast was presented by Pinnacle and sponsored by JBL Quantum, Länsförsäkringar Bohuslän & Göteborg and Göteborg & co. The first edition was made possible thanks to collaboration with IMG and PGL and fantastic partners from Kappa Bar, Twitch, Pustervik, Latitude65 and Frame.

The overall feedback of the event was amazing, and we produced one of the most watched swedish streams ever from an international event with over 400,000 stream views and 259,000 unique stream starts, and with 95% of all viewers from Sweden. During the final we peaked at over 4,000 concurrent viewers and we had average concurrent at 2,7k concurrent.

CS legend Olofmeister made his debut as expert in our broadcast.
Live audience at Pustervik
Szanto in-action interviewing fans and community people
Live set at Pustervik, Gothenburg

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